Thursday, April 9, 2015

Roller Coaster

Yesterday I received a happy email that made the “little me” jump up and down with joy. It is always a pleasure to hear the experiences that your students go through as they develop their practice.

Then, not five minutes later, I received a second message from my cousin telling me that my dad had fainted once again over the weekend, which has been happening periodically for the last few months. Luckily with this latest fall he didn't injure himself and it was only a short visit to the hospital that didn't require him to stay long.

In those first few minutes after receiving such news, you question every single decision about your life — why you left, how you dare to miss important life moments of your family (all my family is in Buenos Aires), and so on. It was like drinking a gallon of diluted guilt. And realizing how small we are in the grand scheme of things and events.

It takes a while to put things back in perspective and remind yourself of all the wonderful things that have happened to you: a new home in a new land, your pets, your career, your husband, and so on.

You take a breath and find your center and remind yourself that love is not measured by miles and that none of us is really in control of anything.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

An Acquired Taste

"For those who have an intense urge for Spirit and wisdom, it sits near them, waiting." ~Patanjali~

I see contemporary yoga as we know it as a doorway into a broader field. Many of my colleagues are not very optimistic about where yoga is heading these days, especially in America. But I am optimistic.
In the last few weeks, I decided to cut down the time devoted in my classes to inversions and arm balances, and to focus instead on basic flows and approachable postures for all levels. I began, at the end of my classes, to sneak in a few minutes of seated meditation practice, which required making my shavasana slightly shorter than the expected five minutes. I am happy to say that nobody left or complained or checked their phones while "meditating."

On the contrary, everyone has been very open and receptive to adding a few minutes of mindfulness practice to our asana practice.

That confirms three things for me:

Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Sacredness Underneath it All

An important aspiration in my practice the last few weeks has been to perform my duties, pay my bills and live my life while remaining unattached to results and firm against adversity.

That was the theory, at least.

In practice, I became a tornado of emotions.

I sometimes felt like I was bouncing from drama to drama without being able to catch my breath. Like Pac-Man being chased by a troop of ghosts.

It's too easy blame it on people, astrological events, the cold weather. Even on myself. Or all of the above.

But the magic trick that finally changed my mindset after trial and error was to really look into people's eyes. Into their humanity.

Into people's darkness at times. Including (or especially) my own.

I've been making a real effort and commitment to try to see people's humanity even when I perceive a situation as wrong and unfair. To see the good in people instead everything that I perceive as screwed up and twisted. Inserting small doses of patience and kindness into circumstances and events that were bugging me.

What purpose does all this yoga and meditation serve, after all, if I can't look eye to eye at another human being and see at least a little bit of hope? What purpose does all this reading and mindful living make, if when something triggers me the first thing to go out the window is compassion?

Life is so much better when we make ourselves available to see the sacredness underneath it all. Even the messy parts. Especially the messy parts.

Adrian Molina is a yoga teacher, writer and meditation practitioner living in New York City. He developed the Warrior Flow style of yoga and teaches at Equinox fitness centers, in private sessions, and at retreats. He shares inspiration and teachings frequently on his web site Warrior Flow, his Facebook page, and his Twitter feed.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Schedule Changes

Hello from warm and sunny NYC. Ha!

I wanted to let you know about a few class schedule changes:

- Starting in March, I will no longer be teaching Tuesdays or Thursdays @ 54th Street  7.00am.  :-(

- Also starting in March, I will no longer be teaching the Sunday 1pm class @ 74th Street. :-(  My other three Sunday morning classes remain unchanged, so there is still plenty of time for #yogachurch.  :-)

- New Class Time:  Starting March 3, my Tuesday evening class at Equinox Sports Club on 61st Street will start 30 minutes earlier. Instead of 7.30pm, we will start at 7.00pm. I am excited about this change, as it seems to fit more students' schedules.  :-))

I may be announcing some new classes with Equinox in the next few days. Stay tuned. :-))

Finally… I am taking a few days off for vacation in Miami from Sunday March 8th through Friday March 13th.

I deeply appreciate all my students for supporting my classes. It is always such a gift to be able to practice with you. Much love. Namaste.


Saturday, January 31, 2015

Take Me on Vacation with You!

Guess what? Now I can go on vacation with you wherever you go. You can even take me on business trips. I don't discriminate. Warm weather, cold weather, northern hemisphere, southern hemisphere -- I'll happily go with you, no complaints. I fit perfectly on your mobile phone, iPad or laptop, and you can stop me if I talk too much!

Joking aside, my students have been requesting a recorded Warrior Flow audio class for YEARS. I finally have one available for download at iTunes and Amazon. Check the links below. (Download on a Wi-Fi connection since it's a 70-minute audio file.)

A big thank you to my producer Robert Gerding and my business partner and husband Dennis Hunter for making this happen. (Music "Sandcastles" and "Shimmer" by S. McCleery licensed by Ambient Music Garden. Music for healing, and background music.)



More to come soon!


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thank God for Yoga!

As I embark upon the adventure of teaching my first 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in March, I can't help but recall the days when yoga was a foreign word to me. When the idea of being in front of people teaching yoga caused me to withdraw into my turtle shell and hide.

I wanted to learn yoga. I wanted to immerse myself fully into learning more about that sequence of postures that, in some way I didn't understand, was making my life more meaningful. I never intended to become a teacher to teach. But life had plans for me that I couldn't foresee at that time.

In early 2003 I was coming out of a relationship that had left me feeling devastated. I was going through the heartbreak and healing process. I remember at the end of that year saying to myself...

"Well Adrian, looking back at this year, Yoga—not people, not places, not money—seems to be the only thing that has brought some sense of comfort and peace and tranquility to your life. I guess you owe it to yourself to learn more yoga, then."

So I signed up to a teacher training program with no freaking clue of who Patanjali was, what the Vedas were, or the Bhagavad Gita was. I had no idea I have chakras inside of me. I barely spoke English and yet I was about to learn Sanskrit!

I honestly I didn't know the depths or the transformational potential of Yoga.

Like most people who practice Yoga these days I thought of doing yoga as a way of keeping my body healthy and strong. And feeling happier and learning how to relax. Which are fine goals in and of themselves. But I understand today that they are only a small facet of what Yoga has to offer.

Those three months were not a “Teacher Training." They were a life makeover.

It was during my training that I began to discover the possibility of a life with less suffering. I didn't realize at the time that I was becoming a seeker, a person searching for liberation, transcendence, self transformation—in a word, a yogi.

Those three months were the first time in my life where I actually spent time with me.
Looking back, learning yoga brought meaning and direction into my life at a time when I felt hopeless and lost.

Of course I kept stumbling with my ego in the years to come, but I regard my Yoga Teacher Training experience as one of the most important decisions I ever made.

As I go over old handwritten notes from that time, and dust off some of my old-time favorite yoga texts, I can’t help but feel a deep respect and gratitude for so many yogis, sages, gurus, disciples, and students who have paved the way for what Yoga is today.

Thank God for Yoga!

Adrian Molina is a yoga teacher, writer and meditation practitioner living in New York City. He developed the Warrior Flow style of yoga and teaches at Equinox fitness centers, in private sessions, and at retreats. He shares inspiration and teachings frequently on his web site Warrior Flow, his Facebook page, and his Twitter feed.  

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

200hr Yoga Teacher Training

This announcement has been years in the making. But finally the time seems right.

I'm happy to announce that starting in mid-March I’ll be leading a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at Earth Yoga with my colleagues Yanti Amos and Will Schneider.

Our supporting faculty will be composed of some of the finest teachers in our community, providing a unique, authentic, honest, and compassionate space.

It gets even better knowing that Dennis Hunter will be part of the Faculty, bringing to the table his vast knowledge in mindfulness and meditation.

If you know me... You know I don’t make decisions like this lightly. This 200hr Teacher Training will be a labor of love and a life-changing experience for all the participants.

When I did my 200hr Teacher Training many years ago, it helped me to define the kind of person I wanted to be. To this day it remains one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made.
I want to give back what I have learned over the years for the benefit of whoever needs it at this moment.

To my students, friends, colleagues, FB acquaintances… We will need your help, your likes, your shares, and most importantly your loving thoughts to support us in this exciting endeavor.
In good spirit,


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