Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Sacredness Underneath it All

An important aspiration in my practice the last few weeks has been to perform my duties, pay my bills and live my life while remaining unattached to results and firm against adversity.

That was the theory, at least.

In practice, I became a tornado of emotions.

I sometimes felt like I was bouncing from drama to drama without being able to catch my breath. Like Pac-Man being chased by a troop of ghosts.

It's too easy blame it on people, astrological events, the cold weather. Even on myself. Or all of the above.

But the magic trick that finally changed my mindset after trial and error was to really look into people's eyes. Into their humanity.

Into people's darkness at times. Including (or especially) my own.

I've been making a real effort and commitment to try to see people's humanity even when I perceive a situation as wrong and unfair. To see the good in people instead everything that I perceive as screwed up and twisted. Inserting small doses of patience and kindness into circumstances and events that were bugging me.

What purpose does all this yoga and meditation serve, after all, if I can't look eye to eye at another human being and see at least a little bit of hope? What purpose does all this reading and mindful living make, if when something triggers me the first thing to go out the window is compassion?

Life is so much better when we make ourselves available to see the sacredness underneath it all. Even the messy parts. Especially the messy parts.

Adrian Molina is a yoga teacher, writer and meditation practitioner living in New York City. He developed the Warrior Flow style of yoga and teaches at Equinox fitness centers, in private sessions, and at retreats. He shares inspiration and teachings frequently on his web site Warrior Flow, his Facebook page, and his Twitter feed.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Schedule Changes

Hello from warm and sunny NYC. Ha!

I wanted to let you know about a few class schedule changes:

- Starting in March, I will no longer be teaching Tuesdays or Thursdays @ 54th Street  7.00am.  :-(

- Also starting in March, I will no longer be teaching the Sunday 1pm class @ 74th Street. :-(  My other three Sunday morning classes remain unchanged, so there is still plenty of time for #yogachurch.  :-)

- New Class Time:  Starting March 3, my Tuesday evening class at Equinox Sports Club on 61st Street will start 30 minutes earlier. Instead of 7.30pm, we will start at 7.00pm. I am excited about this change, as it seems to fit more students' schedules.  :-))

I may be announcing some new classes with Equinox in the next few days. Stay tuned. :-))

Finally… I am taking a few days off for vacation in Miami from Sunday March 8th through Friday March 13th.

I deeply appreciate all my students for supporting my classes. It is always such a gift to be able to practice with you. Much love. Namaste.


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