Saturday, March 21, 2015

An Acquired Taste

"For those who have an intense urge for Spirit and wisdom, it sits near them, waiting." ~Patanjali~

I see contemporary yoga as we know it as a doorway into a broader field. Many of my colleagues are not very optimistic about where yoga is heading these days, especially in America. But I am optimistic.
In the last few weeks, I decided to cut down the time devoted in my classes to inversions and arm balances, and to focus instead on basic flows and approachable postures for all levels. I began, at the end of my classes, to sneak in a few minutes of seated meditation practice, which required making my shavasana slightly shorter than the expected five minutes. I am happy to say that nobody left or complained or checked their phones while "meditating."

On the contrary, everyone has been very open and receptive to adding a few minutes of mindfulness practice to our asana practice.

That confirms three things for me:

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